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The world faces complex and interrelated crises… Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, rapid urbanization, geopolitical conflict and militarization, demographic change, population displacement, poverty, and widespread inequity create risks of future crises even more severe than those experienced today. Responses require investments that integrate planetary, societal, community and individual health and well-being (WHO 2021 Geneva Charter for Wellbeing)


 The impact of human activities on our planet’s natural systems has been intensifying rapidly in the past several decades, leading to disruption and transformation of most natural systems. These disruptions in the atmosphere, oceans, and across the terrestrial land surface are not only driving species to extinction, they pose serious threats to human health and wellbeing. Characterising and addressing these threats requires a paradigm shift (Myers, 2017)

Action at the level of direct drivers of nature decline, although necessary, is not sufficient … a sustainable global future’ is ‘only possible with urgent transformative change that tackles the root causes: the interconnected economic, socio-cultural, demographic, political, institutional, and technological indirect drivers behind the direct drivers (Diaz et al., 2019)


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La lutte aux changements climatiques ne se planifie pas dans une seule langue : implications pour la physiothérapie environnementale

Puede descargar una versión en español de este blogpost aquí: Cleaver, S., Hudon, A. & St-Georges, M. (2021). La lucha contra el cambio climático no se planifica en un solo idioma: implicaciones para la fisioterapia ambiental (Traducido de francés por Charles,...

Én helse, bærekraft og fysioterapi med hest

I en nylig publisert podcast diskuterer Professor Tobba Sudmann folkehelse og bærekraft. Sudmann er fysioterapeut, så bærekraft og fysioterapi bli tatt opp med jevne mellomrom.  Hun er opptatt av sammenhengen mellom hvordan vi lever, hva vi gjør og hvordan vi tenker...

The 2nd Environmental Physiotherapy Roundtable – coming soon!

Nearly exactly one year after the first ever Environmental Physiotherapy Roundtable, we are pleased to invite you to the second iteration of  our livestream discussion on environmental physiotherapy. At the 2nd Environmental Physiotherapy Roundtable, representatives...

Shaping the future of physiotherapy: A blogpost by EPA student representatives Issie Long and Thies Bundtzen

Since the launch of the EPA physiotherapy students from around the world continue to join the association. Their enthusiasm for the subject field is evident in the comments, thoughts, concerns and energy they bring as they join, and, just like in the ongoing worldwide...

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