This is EPIC! Environmental physiotherapy in the clinic

On this page, you will find a range of resources that will help you apply environmental physiotherapy in your day-to-day practice.


Throughout 2021 a team from our German partner organisation the Health for Future physiotherapy working group (PPG) consisting of students and young professionals has developed two posters that can support your day-to-day practice of environmental physiotherapy. You can download both posters in different formats below.

Each poster contains a QR code link that will take you to an additional page containing  supporting information and resources for each point made on the posters.

Feel free to hang the posters anywhere in your clinic and maybe share a photo on your social media channels by tagging the Environmental Physiotherapy Association and using #EnviroPT

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How to get involved

Because environmental physiotherapy is still a very young field of research, education, and practice, there is a lot that still needs to be tested, trialled and further developed. For this reason, we hope that you will support the ongoing refinement of these posters and other resources for clinical practice throughout the years.

Several kinds of support are needed virtually immediately at this stage:

1. We are in need of translations and contextual-adaptations of existing posters and support materials into as many languages as possible. If you can volunteer your time and efforts for this purpose, please get in touch using the contact form below.

2. We would appreciate your feedback on the existing posters to help us add new suggestions, improve existing ones, and further strengthen the evidence-base to support what we are suggesting. Let us know which suggestions make sense, which are difficult to put into practice, how we can better adjust the posters and other recommendations to your specific context and anything else that comes to mind using the contact form below.

3. We are looking for a team of volunteers keen on creating another EPIC poster. If this sounds like you, please get in touch using the contact form below.

 Thanks for your support! 🌍 🌎 🌏  🚑. #EnviroPT

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