Three slides to get you started with planetary health, environmental, and sustainability education in physiotherapy. No matter what subject you teach.

One of the fundamental starting points and cornerstones of environmental physiotherapy is the acknowledgment and in-depth study of the manifold interconnections between health, environment, and society. In the majority of leading education and competency frameworks for planetary health, environmental and sustainability education, like the Planetary Health Education Framework, the learning outcomes developed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, the EU GreenComp sustainability competence framework, and the UNESCO education for SDGs framework, the study and understanding of these interconnections is also highlighted as a central competency and learning objective.  

The PowerPoint slides available for download on this page are meant to provide physiotherapy educators around the world with a simple starting point to integrate planetary health, environmental, and sustainability education into their teaching, with a focus on this central learning dimension: the interconnections between health, environment, and society. 

Identifying such starting points across all subjects taught in physiotherapy curricula, however, also lays the foundation for further implementation of environmental physiotherapy across curricula and the integration of other key competencies for sustainability. As such, these slides will also be the central output of the EPT Agenda 2027, which aims at the transversal implementation of environmental physiotherapy across curricula. To support the further development of these slides please contact us here

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Anatomy and Physiology

Human anatomy is fundamentally shaped by the environment

Thermoregulation and climate change are deeply connected

Thinking about breathing facilitates a different future for the human body and the physiotherapy profession

Assessment and Analysis

Considering environmental factors in physiotherapy management for structure, function, activity and participation

Expanding clinical reasoning to include environmental concerns

To be developed… maybe by adding your idea here? 

Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Antenatal air pollution exposure and chronic obstructive lung disease

Air pollution, COPD and acute exacerbations

Good indoor environments are essential for pulmonary health

The development of the EPT education kickstarter slides began at the 2023 European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) seminar in Bergen, Norway following the formation of a new ENPHE subgroup on environmental physiotherapy

Other projects and resources in environmental physiotherapy education

    There are an increasing number of projects and resources surrounding planetary health, environmental and sustainability education. For published literature and relevant websites please visit our resources page.

    PREP-IP Persons with Refugee experience Education Project – Interprofessional

    The PREP-IP project addresses the mismatch between the competence of healthcare professionals and the complex rehabilitation needs of a growing population of refugees and migrants in Europe.

    In partnership with physiopedia and Plus, the Environmental Physiotherapy Association has launched an Environmental Physiotherapy Content Development Project and a growing range of Environmental Physiotherapy Courses featuring a growing number of courses related to environmental physiotherapy.

    Environmental Physiotherapy Education Podcast

    by Filip Maric, Shaun Cleaver, Cliona O'Sullivan, Adriane Vieira & Olivia Stone | In Beta Unconference 2020