EPT Agenda Supporting Organisations

The organizations supporting the EPT Agenda are indispensable for our work in advancing the implementation of environmental physiotherapy, planetary health, and sustainability education in physiotherapy training programs around the world. Through the support of these organizations, more and more universities feel encouraged to join our efforts. 

 We have no particular expectations or restrictions as to who or what classifies as an organization that can support the EPT Agenda 2023. Organizations can include large-scale international professional groups, national and regional professional organizations, small and large special interest groups, as well as other healthcare professional and patient groups and organizations. With all of your support, we will undoubtedly achieve the aims of the EPT Agenda and help improve health and well-being around the globe.

Is your organization not among our supporting organizations yet but you think it should be? Please get in touch with Filip Maric (PhD) for more information about how your organization can show support for our work.