The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2027

EPT education across the curriculum 

The EPT Agenda 2027 builds on the success of the initial phase of our international effort to introduce planetary health, environmental, and sustainability education into physiotherapy training around the world. While the focus of the EPT Agenda 2023 was simply ‘to make a start’ at integrating EPT education into physiotherapy training, we are setting our ambitions at ‘transversal integration across the physiotherapy curriculum’ during this second phase. 

More detailed information on the EPT Agenda 2027 will be coming over the next few months, as we prepare its launch for the beginning of next year. 

In the meantime, check out the still ongoing EPT Agenda 2023 and the extensive material that has been produced in its wake, including a variety of publications, inspirational case-reports in many different languages, and an emerging set of EPT education kickstarter slides. 

Individual Signatories

Participating Institutions

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If you have questions about the EPT Agenda 2027 in general, are a physiotherapy educator interested in participating and getting your physiotherapy school or university involved in the project, or would like to share your own environmental physiotherapy education projects, please contact Filip Maric (PhD) directly. Contributions in any language and any format are welcome! We appreciate your help in advancing social and environmental awareness and responsibility across the health care and beyond.

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Header image by Devin Berko on Unsplash 

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