Education is one of the cornerstones of environmentally responsible physiotherapy and healthcare systems as a whole. Since the launch of the EPA, we have endeavored to advance environmental physiotherapy education. 

The educational projects and content presented on this page represent the thoughts and work of contributing authors and through these, an open and ongoing effort and discussion to meet one of the largest healthcare challenges of the 21st century located at the nexus of health, society, and our planetary environment.

This page will provide you with information about our various efforts in EPT education, materials to get you started, and resources to take you beyond just starting to integrate planetary health, environmental, and sustainability education into physiotherapy and other healthcare training. We hope you will find them of value and appreciate your feedback and contribution any time.

The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda

EPT Agenda 2023

The time is now!

EPT Agenda 2027

EPT Education across the curriculum

The EPT Agenda is a large-scale international effort for the integration of planetary health, environmental, and sustainability education into physiotherapy curricula around the world. Check out the EPT Agenda 2023 for the first phase of this project and the EPT Agenda 2027 for its subsequent, second phase. You can also browse some of the extensive materials that have been produced from within the EPT Agenda 2023 below, including our inspirational case-reports and an emerging set of EPT education kickstarter slides.

Getting started with EPT education

Thanks to the stellar efforts of the EPT Agenda 2023 participating institutions and the ENPHE working group on environmental physiotherapy, the inspirational case-reports and EPT education kickstarter slides will provide you with everything you need to get started with the implementation of planetary health, environmental and sustainability education in physiotherapy. If you have any ideas that you would like to contribute yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Inspirational case-reports

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EPT education teaching prompts

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Other projects and resources in environmental physiotherapy education

    There are an increasing number of projects and resources surrounding planetary health, environmental and sustainability education. For published literature and relevant websites please visit our resources page.

    PREP-IP Persons with Refugee experience Education Project – Interprofessional

    The PREP-IP project addresses the mismatch between the competence of healthcare professionals and the complex rehabilitation needs of a growing population of refugees and migrants in Europe.

    In partnership with physiopedia and Plus, the Environmental Physiotherapy Association has launched an Environmental Physiotherapy Content Development Project and a growing range of Environmental Physiotherapy Courses featuring a growing number of courses related to environmental physiotherapy.

    Environmental Physiotherapy Education Podcast

    by Filip Maric, Shaun Cleaver, Cliona O'Sullivan, Adriane Vieira & Olivia Stone | In Beta Unconference 2020