Occupational health and ergonomics

Occupational health and ergonomics has long been a field of physiotherapy practice concerned with the environment, specifically, people’s work environment. The explicit inclusion of broader environmental concerns is an ongoing development in occupational health and ergonomics, offering an even broader perspective on the health of people and the technologies and environment surrounding them. Examination, assessment, screening, and interventions in occupational health and ergonomics include the individual, but also extend beyond it, to the work environment, work organization, and work tasks. Increasingly, changing climatic conditions are also included, as are the environmental footprint of different workplaces and industries, questions of social and environmental justice related to work, and more. This page will provide you with resources that will help you understand and practically engage in occupational health and ergonomics, with a keen awareness of small- and large-scale environmental factors and issues at the intersections of work and health.


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International organisations

The International Federation of Physiotherapists working in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, a subrgroup of World Physiotherapy is a leading international organization in this field. We highly recommend that you visit their page for further information and resources. 


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