Over the last 3 months, the EPA exec and a group of EPA members have steadily been working on our biggest project yet and we are beyond excited to finally launch it today:

 The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023

The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023 (EPT Agenda 2023) is a global call to action aiming at the integration of environmental and sustainability perspectives into entry-level physiotherapy education programmes around the world. As a global initiative, it represents an unprecedented effort in pulling together the strength of the entire physiotherapy profession to simultaneously contribute to human and environmental health, functioning and flourishing.

In the lead up to today’s launch, we are grateful for the amazing encouragement we have already received from supporting physiotherapy and sustainable healthcare organisations from around the world. We are also immensely encouraged by the first international participating physiotherapy education institutions that have already committed to the EPT Agenda 2023. This support clearly reflects our sense that what the Agenda seeks to achieve is not only necessary, but also possible.

Now that we have officially launched, we would really appreciate your help in spreading this further to make this a truly global, collaborative project and success in physiotherapy education. Here’s how you can help the cause:

Go to the EPT Agenda 2023 website to read and download the Agenda

!!! Sign the petition to show your support of the EPT Agenda 2023!!!

Like and follow the EPT Agenda 2023 twitter and facebook accounts

Share via Social Media using: #EPTAgenda2023 #GlobalPT #EnviroPT

Share with your friends and colleagues as widely as you can

If you work or have colleagues in PT education please put the EPT Agenda 2023 forward to them and call on your/their school or university to join as a participating institution.

If you are connected to any small or large physiotherapy or other healthcare profession, ask them to get in touch with us and help us as a supporting organisation

And just share, share and share again.

The EPT Agenda 2023 is built around a single aim relevant to physical therapy / physiotherapy education. This aim is:

To ensure that every student beginning entry-level physiotherapy education from 2020 onwards will have education regarding the relationship between the environment, human health and functioning, and how this pertains to physiotherapy as part of their programme.

In light of today’s global social, health and environmental responsibilities and our proven capacity to take action, we firmly believe that our profession is in an exceptional place to make a significant contribution to planetary health through the integration of environmental and sustainability perspectives into entry-level physiotherapy education.

Considering the additional urgency of the matter, what we know for sure, is that..

The time is now!

If you have any questions, ideas, or other thoughts, please contact us anytime. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Agenda, get your ideas on how to share it further, who else to connect with how, etc etc. 

We hope you will find this as exciting as we do and can’t wait for your response!


Filip Maric (PhD)

Filip Maric (PhD)

PT, EPA Founder

Filip Maric is a physiotherapist and researcher interested in the outer rims of healthcare and physiotherapy, practical philosophy, ethics, #EnviroPT, planetary health and sea kayaking.