Shortly after the launch of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association in the middle of 2019 I put out what felt like a wish to the universe (in blogpost format) hoping for people to submit their interest in environmental and sustainability related topics to be featured at the World Physiotherapy Congress 2021. A little less than two years later and with the Congress coming up in about a months time, I’m excited to trace an unofficial ‘environmental physiotherapy stream’ running through the conference symposia, seminars, discussion fora and presentations. 

If you are aware of a presentation that I have missed, please let me know and, ideally, send me the session info in the short format I have used here so I can update the list below. Conversely, if you are a presenter of one of the sessions and presentation listed below and do not want to be listed here, let me know and I will delete the entry, no hard feelings. I can’t vouch for if and how all of the sessions I have found so far will touch on environmental and sustainability issue, but here are the ones I found to be related to my broad understanding of what environmental physiotherapy is about:

Friday 9 April 2021
Refugee and migrant health (Focussed symposium)
12:00- 13:00 UTC
Chair/Speaker: Emer McGowan
Speaker: Lori Maria Walton, Joost van Wijchen, Hernan C Labao, Joanne Kibet

Rehabilitation in low-resource health systems (Focussed symposium)
13:00-14:15 UTC
Chair: Cornelia Barth
Speakers: Lucia Bernhard, Okett Robert Kanyara, Ana Lúcia Rodrigues, Bushra Alsakkaf

Physiotherapy generations (Discussion session)
13:00-14:15 UTC
Chair: Jackie Whittaker, Catherine Escuarda
Speakers: Gwen Jull, Karoleen Oswald, Emmanuel Ovola, Tobba Sudmann

Filip Maric (PhD)

Filip Maric (PhD)

PT, EPA Founder

Filip Maric is a physiotherapy lecturer and researcher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He is interested in the outer rims of healthcare and physiotherapy, practical philosophy, ethics, #EnviroPT, planetary health and sea kayaking.

Saturday 10 April
Paediatrics: activity and participation (Seminar)
10:00-11:00 UTC
Chair: Margaret O’Neil
Speakers: Misako Yokoyama, Hua-Fang (Lily) Liao, Manon Bloemen

Ethics, inequity and climate change (Discussion session)
10:00-11:00 UTC
Chair: Andrea Sturm, Caroline Fryer
Speakers: Sibyl Edward, Filip Maric, Esther-Mary D’Arcy, Oka Sanerivi

Prevention and wellbeing (Discussion session)
12:30-14:45 UTC
Chair: Nirit Rotem, Dale Scalise-Smith
Speakers: Diana Camargo, Donald Manlapaz, Joy MacDermid, Magda Fourie

Justice-centred rehabilitation (Discussion session)
13:45-14:45 UTC
Chair: April Gamble, Remla Shirima
Speakers: Maryke Bezuidenhout, Sidhiprada Mohapatra, Fernanda Cockell, Shaun Cleaver

Sunday 11 April
Using virtual environments in neurology (Focussed symposium)
12:30-13:30 UTC
Chair/Speaker: Judith Deutsch
Speaker: Kelly Bower, Leanne Hassett, Joe Eduardo Pompeu

Environmental Physiotherapy (Inspiration session): What is the relationship between physiotherapy, health and the environment? Be inspired to think about your role and responsibility
13:45-14:10 UTC
Chair: Felipe Lemos
Presenter: Filip Maric

Platform presentations (pre-recorded)
Early age at amputation and delayed admission to assistive technology and rehabilitation: A retrospective study from conflict and post-conflict states
Presenter: Cornelia Barth

The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023 – Preparing physiotherapy education to meet the biggest health threats of our time
Presenter: Filip Maric

Environmental physiotherapy and the case for multispecies justice in planetary health
Presenter: Filip Maric

How universal ethical situations are expressed in different contexts – results of qualitative research in an international online survey
Presenter: Andrea Sturm
Mapping views of physiotherapists on factors in ethical decision-making – lessons learned from an international mixed-methods survey
Presenter: Andrea Sturm
Scarcity of resources and inequitable access to physiotherapy are ethical concerns of physiotherapists globally – findings of an international online survey
Presenter: Caroline Fryer
An interactive teaching module achieves a sustained increase in undergraduate students’ perceived cultural competence
Presenter: Caroline Fryer

ePoster presentations
ICRC Physical rehabilitation program in Pakistan and the Sustainable Development Goals
Presenter: Gul Zaman

Kinesiological analysis of dynamic sitting balance ability during horse assisted therapy in elderly people
Presenter: Rika Miura

Effects of animal assisted intervention for individuals with dementia
Presenter: Annika Bustos

Playground arrangements for improving inclusive and physically active outdoor play: A qualitative study
Presenter: Manon Bloemen

Validation of adapted self-report questionnaire for outdoor walking among older adults: The Champs-Outdoors
Presenter: Olayinka Akinrolie