Climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of current events. According to the United Nations, we are experiencing accelerated global warming due to human activities and it will take a united effort to slow this trend. Hypothetically if global health care was a country, it would be considered to be the fifth-largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. As healthcare professionals, we must expand the concept of ‘do no harm’ to our planet, and physiotherapists are uniquely situated to help decrease healthcare’s carbon footprint and the release of pharmaceutical pollutants into the world’s water cycle.

My new Physioplus course on ‘sustainable healthcare and environmental physiotherapy’ aims to introduce the concept of sustainable healthcare and highlights the role physiotherapists can play in decreasing healthcare’s carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

The course is primarily aimed at physiotherapy and physical therapy clinicians, students and assistants but will also be useful to other interested professionals such as athletic trainers, occupational therapists, nurses or medical doctors interested in this subject.

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Srishti Banerjee (MPT)

Srishti Banerjee (MPT)

Assistant Professor

Srishti Banerjee is an Assistant professor at L.J institute of physiotherapy and a member of the EPA executive committee. Her research interests include pathology in rare neurological manifestations and Rehabilitation strategies for neurological disorders.