After the incredible success of Physiopunk Vol 1 – Speculative fiction for future physiotherapies, I am really excited to share this Call of Stories for what will be our second volume, open to all healthcare professions, all languages, students, clinicians, academics and even patients. 

Driven by the idea that imagination can help us get ahead of the curve, healthpunk builds on the recognition of the need for transformative change across healthcare and society in light of diverse social, ecological and health crises. It is an invitation to imagine diverse futures for more socially and ecologically responsible healthcares.

With this Call for Stories for Healthpunk Vol 2, we invite healthcare students, clinicians, educators, researchers, professional representatives, policy-makers, and patients from around the world to send us their own fictional stories of future healthcares in any language. The central task remains the same as before: We are looking for fictional stories located anytime in the future, in which the work of healthcare is deliberately focused on responding to social and ecological challenges and supporting better ways of living and being healthy together in this manner.

Visit Open Physio Journal to read the full call and find out how to send us your story: 

We can’t wait to look into the futures of healthcare with you!

Your Healthpunk Vol 2 editorial team,

Filip Maric (PhD), A/Prof UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Founder and Executive Chair of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association)

Liv J Nikolaisen (Physiotherapy Programme Lead, UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

Mahitsonge Nomusa Ntinga (Physiotherapy Lecturer, University of Cape Town)

Jena Webb (PhD, Director of Programmes, CoPEH Canada Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approaches to Health).

Filip Maric (PhD)

Filip Maric (PhD)

A/Prof, EPA Founder & Executive Chair

Filip Maric is an Associate Professor in physiotherapy at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He is interested in the outer rims of healthcare and physiotherapy, philosophy, #EnviroPT, planetary health, environmental humanities and sea kayaking.