Environmental physiotherapy has made great strides as the newest field in our profession over the last two and a half years thanks to the incessant efforts, passion and collaboration of an incredibly quickly growing critical mass of environmental physiotherapy enthusiasts around the world. One project has followed another and there is no slowing down in sight as we advance environmental responsibility across physiotherapy research, education and practice. 

Next in these efforts, and after our strong start into education with the EPT Agenda 2023, we wanted to make an impact in clinical practice, so throughout 2021 the team from our German partner organisation the Health for Future physiotherapy working group – Physios for Planetary Health (PPG) has developed two EPIC posters that can support your day-to-day practice of environmental physiotherapy in collaboration with the EPA and our longstanding visual-communication partner miu creative : Illustration-based design.

You can now download these posters from our new page on EPT practice by following the homonymous tab in our main menu at the top of our page. 

As with all of our projects, our new page on EPT practice and the posters that are available there is a community effort in every part of their production, and an invitation to participate in these community efforts. Because environmental physiotherapy is still a very young field of research, education, and practice, there is a lot that still needs to be tested, trialled and refined. 

Filip Maric (PhD)

Filip Maric (PhD)

A/Prof, EPA Founder & Executive Chair

Filip Maric is Associate professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and founder of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association. He is interested in the outer rims of healthcare and physiotherapy, philosophy, ethics, #EnviroPT, environmental post/humanities, planetary health and sea kayaking.

In the case of our new EPIC posters, we are initially making them available in English and German but we would love your support for the ongoing refinement of our EPIC posters and other resources for clinical environmental physiotherapy practice throughout the years. Apart from hoping for your feedback and ideas, you could help us translate the EPIC posters into as many other languages as possible and adjust them to different regional contexts, and there are also other tasks and possibilities. More information on how you can get involved is provided at the bottom of our new page on EPT practice. 

If you hang our new EPIC posters in your physiotherapy clinic or anywhere else, share a photo on your social media channels by tagging the Environmental Physiotherapy Association and using #EnviroPT. We would love to share in the joy 😊 

🌍 🌎 🌏  🚑. #EnviroPT