What Do You Stand For? A Journey Into the World of Environmental Physiotherapy

We are living in complex and challenging times. As actors in health care systems we must be prepared to act and provide our services in light of multiple social-ecological crises. Starting from the fundamental belief in the interconnectedness of life, Environmental Physiotherapy calls on us to take action for a healthier future.

As Environmental Physiotherapy will grow with every one of us, this webinar is an invitation to check in with yourself and with what you stand for. A space to be and to get inspiration for your contribution to Environmental Physiotherapy. The more we know what we stand for, the more our actions will create a path for change.
There is no prior knowledge required, so only bring yourself and curiosity. It follows an interactive and creative session, so just a little hint for now: I will invite you to embark on a meditative journey around the world to encounter the wonder of breath and yourself. At the end of the webinar, we will have time for exchange and diving into the pool of inspiration that we will have created together. Please prepare your room before the webinar according to the instructions you will receive and make sure not to be interrupted.

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Ronja Schüßler

Physiotherapist, environmental physiotherapy explorer, transformational education creator, lover of life

Ronja is a physiotherapist currently based in Germany. As an active participant in the emerging movements of Planetary Health and Environmental Physiotherapy, Ronja is deeply convinced that we need profound transformations towards a more liveable and healthy future on an interconnected planetary and personal scale. She is passionate about transformative approaches in education and aims to build bridges between traditional academic knowledge and art-based / body-centred methods.