Thanks to the passion and ongoing efforts of our members, the Environmental Physiotherapy Association continues to advance environmental awareness and responsibility through a wide variety of ongoing projects. One such example is our Environmental Physiotherapy Content Development Project on Physiopedia and the Environmental Physiotherapy Programme on plus. In the two years, we have been working together with the Physiopedia and plus community we have got some fantastic contributions to the development of Physiopedia pages and plus courses.

Here are a just a few examples of some of our Physiopedia pages:

Srishti Banerjee

Srishti Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Srishti Banerjee is an Assistant professor at L.J institute of physiotherapy and a member of the EPA executive committee. Her research interests include pathology in rare neurological manifestations and Rehabilitation strategies for neurological disorders.

We are extremely grateful to all our contributors and are always looking for enthusiastic additions to help us grow our understanding of this urgent new field of physiotherapy education, research and practice. Developing Physiopedia pages and plus courses are a really fun learning experience for those developing the content as well as for us project coordinators. It is very much a process of learning and thinking as a team, trying to understand the many different ways that the environment is related to everything we think and do in physiotherapy.

If you are interested in contributing Physiopedia pages or even developing a plus course you can browse the guidelines here. Suggested topics include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Climate change and implications in physiotherapy
  • Indigenous ways of life, the environment and physiotherapy
  • Plastic waste pollution and implications in physiotherapy
  • Sustainable physiotherapy interventions
  • Sustainability in veterinary physiotherapy
  • Environmentally friendly clinics and academic environments
  • And many more…

You can contact the project coordinators Srishti Banerjee and Filip Maric anytime. We will be happy to help and are looking forward to developing some great environmental physiotherapy content with you.


Header image by Patrick Fore on Unsplash