An inspiration-base for planetary health, environmental and sustainability education in physiotherapy 

On this page you will find information about how planetary health, environmental and sustainability perspectives are being integrated into physiotherapy professional education around the world. 

The education initiatives presented on this page represent a selection of results from the Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023. Launched in the beginning of March 2020, the EPT Agenda 2023 is a call to action aiming at the integration of planetary health, environmental and sustainability perspectives into entry-level physiotherapy education around the world. On this basis, it is also a collaborative project bringing together an ever-growing number of supporting organisations and participating institutions to develop an interactive open-access repository collating diverse ideas, experiences and materials to facilitate the further development of this urgent field in healthcare research, practice and education. 

The educational projects and content presented on this page do not necessarily represent the opinions and values of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association as such, but the thoughts and work of contributing authors and through these, an open and ongoing effort and discussion to meet the largest healthcare challenge and opportunity of the 21st century located at the nexus of health, society and our planetary environment.

Before this background all projects and materials are shared openly here because we believe that the challenges we are facing transcend outdated practices of interllectual property and siloed professional and academic leadership and competition, and call for collaboration above all else. Aside from these introductory paragraphs, we have chosen to present our efforts in a variety of languages because we believe that all voices must be heard, because culture, nature and language, biodiversity and linguistic diversity are deeply intertwined and must be supported as such, and because our efforts are and should be at once global and deeply related to the specific social and bioregional contexts in which we teach and learn together.

All contributors hope that you will find something of value or interest here and welcome constructive conversation and collaboration with the general public, as well as colleagues from across all health disciplines and beyond. For this purpose, each project features information about the contributors and a comment form that will enable you to get in touch with them directly through a variety of channels. Feel free to browse through the individual projects below, or use the category filter on this front page to group projects relating to your particular needs and interests.

If you have questions about the EPT Agenda 2023 in general, are a physiotherapy educator interested in participating and getting your physiotherapy school or university involved in the project, or would like to register your own environmental physiotherapy education projects on this page, please contact Filip Maric (PhD) directly. Contributions in any language and any format are welcome! We appreciate your help in advancing social and environmental awareness and responsibility across the health care and beyond.

You can read and download the entire EPT Agenda 2023 here in a variety of languages, both in full and in a summary presentation format. For a more recently published progress report please see: 

Maric, F., Chance-Larsen, K., Chevan, J., Jameson, S., Nicholls, D., Opsommer, E., Perveen, W., Richter, R., Stanhope, J., Stone, O., Strimpakos, N., Vieira, A., Williams, M., Zuber. S., Söderlund, A. (2021). A progress report on planetary health, environmental and sustainability education in physiotherapy – Editorial. European Journal of Physiotherapy, 1-2. doi:10.1080/21679169.2021.1932981

Other projects and resources on environmental physiotherapy education

    There are an increasing number of projects and resources surrounding planetary health, environmental and sustainability education. For published literature and relevant websites please visit our resources page.

    In partnership with physiopedia and physioplus, the Environmental Physiotherapy Association has launched an Environmental Physiotherapy Content Development Project and an Online Environmental Physiotherapy Programme featuring a growing number of courses related to environmental physiotherapy.

    Environmental Physiotherapy Education Podcast

    by Filip Maric, Shaun Cleaver, Cliona O'Sullivan, Adriane Vieira & Olivia Stone | In Beta Unconference 2020